Build a career

People work for a number of reasons and experience a variety of things while at work. How many people have you met who gets to do 100% of what they like at work and be 100% content in their life all at the same time? Must be very few. Finding such an infinite loop of happiness is very hard. But you can very well find a circle of balanced work and life. The only way to find this balance is to save as much of your energy as possible while at work and spend it afterwards. Exhausting yourself at work cannot make your life any better.

How to save your energy? One sure-shot way is by being good at the tasks you do. May be you are only 60% happy doing it, but 60% is good enough. You are not too tired afterwards any ways! May be the lack of 40% happiness makes you frustrated and lose more energy? Read on.

How to get good at the tasks you do and feel happy about it? Well, I got inspiration to write this post after listening to this: Building your career. You try it too, you might get the answer.

So, start building your career now and balance it with your life. Sounds hard, but gets easy when you start trying.